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The E-com Web Site Difference...

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Yes, by design we show a more limited selection on our web site.
We strive to show floral designs, flowers and products that we and other top tier florists actually design, and stock.  We also focus on custom designer choice arrangements that are a favorite of our local clients.  Our web site allows you to give custom input into your order.

No bait and switch… Our pictures are not done by slick $200K LA photo shoots with the arrangements being “artistically modified “for perfection. We have carefully chosen products and in most case we have taken our own (amateur) pictures to give you a more honest representation of the actual product.

Why do most florist Web sites show the same product (pictures) and look so similar? The short answer is that they are captive to one of the two major wire services that hosts their web site, content and sells them all the trinkets and containers shown with the flowers.

A seldom told truth is that the two large wire services also host a majority of florist web sites thus having a huge influence on what is shown on the web. What becomes offered is a large amount of containers and trinkets that the local florist must purchase from the wire services. Many florists become captives to the wire service and thus so are their customers. Some have called this the Mcfloralization of the industry and death of local custom design.

The two large wire services make substantial money by selling products, trinkets and containers to florists. They effectively use a pull and push marketing strategy that in our opinion does little for the industry or the floral customer.

This is not good for the floral customer who ends up putting money into containers (trinkets) by default when what they really want is flowers.

Our research shows customers want more flowers and less containers and trinkets. Period.

We believe in the value of having each arrangement custom designed by a local florist with the best available local available product.

Pricing – We are the only local florist that offers a “Truth in Pricing Policy”.

What other industry forces you to pay a service charge for the privilege of ordering on their web site? It is time for florists and wire services to get real. Say no to the web service charge! has Zero Service Charges and no add-on fees.

We have local competitors that charge $15 and $20 just to send an order on their web site. Is it not time to ask what you get for this charge?

No hidden up charges! Our fees and delivery charges are stated up front and not hidden at the final checkout.
No discount games by charging a $15.99 service charge like one national wire service and then offering 20% discounts.

We do not hide delivery charges in arrangements. For instance, most local and national floral web sites show the price of a product without telling you that the $50 arrangement you ordered is actually a $42 arrangement since an $8 delivery is included in the $50.00 priced arrangement. We sell you an arrangement for the price you want, and then add on the 7.99 delivery charge.  Nothing hidden. On wire orders this $7.99 charge is sent to the filling/delivering florist to cover their delivery fee (we do not keep this fee).

Customer Service – Our Phones are answered on-site at Tara Florist by us.
Call us, Email us, or complete our contact form.

We never forward our phones to an afterhours flower answering service (many times located off-shore.) The major wire services offer 24 hour phone services to local flower shops that mimic the real florist.  We have chosen to offer proven on-site regular business hour personal service.

True, no-one will answer our phones at 2AM. But what does talking to a third party on a different continent at 2AM really accomplish? When anybody that can really help you is closed? Does someone in the Philippines answering the phones really know what a local U.S. florist has available in its coolers? No!

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